Welcome to Circle K Ranch!

About Us

Located in the north east corner of Los Angeles county, Circle K Ranch lays nestled amongst towering buttes in the small Mohave Desert town of Lake Los Angeles. Vegetarians ourselves, we raise many of our animals for homesteaders and pets, rather than food supply.

Providing our livestock a healthy, organic and locally sourced diet is vital to our sustainable efforts. We feed our animals a species-appropriate diet of alfalfa, bermuda grass, and a GMO-free, no soy or corn, organic pellet. Our alf and grass are grown within 10 miles of our ranch, the feed comes from a family owned mill less than 250 miles away.

Our ranch is currently home to hogs, goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese. turkeys, cats, dogs, and coming in 2016, sheep! We hand raise our livestock, raising loving animals that enjoy human contact. We have a garden to raise the freshest, healthiest produce for ourselves and our animals.

We love having visitors out to the ranch, especially families. Next time you find yourself in our corner of the desert, come by for a visit! We can enjoy some ice tea in the shade of a mulberry tree while watching chickens and goats play in the sunshine!