Let’s Start Us Some Seeds!

Time to get this year’s fresh produce offerings for the farm stand going… or growing in our indoor greenhouse. We aren’t doing lettuce, spinach or any other heat sensitive veggies this year as the good old Farmer’s Almanac says hot, long summer. When you live in the Mojave Desert, you take words like ‘hot’ seriously.

We also don’t plant anything we, the humans of Circle K Ranch, won’t consume. I’ve never been asked to make a kale smoothie and don’t expect to be. We consume a lot of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, parsnips, corn and dried beans. If you’re looking for some organic kohlrabi, keep going lol

First into the greenhouse – herbs, peppers and tomatoes. Thyme, sage and rosemary take the longest to root and sprout, they get first spot.

Greenhouse set up – metal shelves, grow trays, seed starting mix, heirloom seeds, plastic sheeting and grow lights all from Home Depot. Heat mats from Amazon.

 Also going into the greenhouse today are the first tomatoes and pepper plants for the season. We’ve got traditional like brandywine and roma tomatoes, but also fun ones like black cherry and purple tomatoes. We’re less adventurous with peppers, sticking to casablancas, California wonder and mild green chilis.

I’ll post up dates as they sprout into yummy future meals.


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