Our Four Legged Partners

A ranch dog differs from a city dog in many ways, both subtle and not. Ours spend their days watching over the hundred plus animals on our growing ranch. We have to control them, often from half an acre or more away, with hand signals and few verbal cues. Much different from teaching a city dog to walk on leash politely and be friendly at the local dog park. 

Luckily, we’ve had a great trainer help us guide our four legged partners. And all our dogs have taken her basic obedience classes, right along side the city dogs. Our pups can herd a goat and also heel on leash. They can gently guide a wayward chicken back into the pasture, and sit stay with the best of them. 

Why mention this today? Because the cutie in the photo, Hel, a 14 month old GSD, graduated beginner obedience this morning. Way to go! 


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