Super Women

I’ve been blessed to know some amazing women in my life. Women like Pat, a single mom who always found time to make her daughter’s friends feel loved. 

Bessie, my maternal grandmother, born in 1900, she picked crops in the fields of Southern California during the dust bowl, never learned to drive and kept fishing until she passed at 84. 

My paternal grandmother, Lois, who packed up her family and drove from Wisconsin to California before highways, rest stops and Starbucks. 

My always inspiring mom and mom-in-love. Both returned to college after raising their families and became prominent women in their careers. 

Friends like Heather – or Hathor the Cow Goddess. She’s homeschooled FIVE kids while creating hundreds of comics and writing several novels. First time I met her, she had a baby in a sling and a huge smile on her face. 

Why bring this up now? Because all of us, no matter whom we support or where our beliefs lie, need to pause for a moment and take note of something historical. Something our great great granddaughters will recall. 

WE get to be the first to see a WOMAN with a real chance at the White House. Sorta makes us all super women, whether we vote for her or not. 


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