Is It A Rabbit?

One of the comments I here a lot, be it from suburban home owners, gardeners, even a couple landscaper or two -they’ve got a rabbit problem. There’s usually a hole, maybe a pile of dirt, and something chewed up. Must be a rabbit!

  • Domestic rabbits can’t mate with wild rabbits. They have different numbers of chromosomes. It’d be like you worrying that your fish will get you pregnant. 
  • Domestic and wild rabbits don’t dig holes. They build mounds. They move large amounts of dirt to build mounds, sometimes a foot or more tall. They dig holes into the base of the mound, rather like a bunny pyramid. If you just see a hole in the ground, it’s NOT a rabbit. 
  • If you see a hole with a little pile of dirt next to it, that’s also not a rabbit. Think gopher instead. 
  • Lastly, if your garden is being eaten, before you blame rabbits, look at the damage. They’ll run into your yard (right through your fence), snag the choicest spot and start munching. They eat fast and they’ll eat to the stem – just see bites missing on leaves? Not rabbits. Plants pulled out? Not rabbits. Munch the best leaves, move on to the next plant, often leaving a bare stem. Picture senior’s day at Golden Corral, without the buses. The place has been cleared but not ransacked. 

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