How One Becomes A Cat Lady

IN my defense, I was set up to be a cat lady from birth. Growing up, we usually hosted seven or more feline friends. My grandparents had several and I’ve got this one aunt with dozens.

That said, I was doing fine until recently. The last year recently. That’s when word got out in the kitty community- warm garage, fresh water, plenty of kibble. Let’s go with I have A LOT of unexpected cats now, both in my garage and in my house.

I’ve gotten the males fixed and any females outside as well. Over the next few weeks, we expect the last of the litters to arrive. One unfixed feral male, though, created –

  • A litter of three, two rehomed, third is the cutie pictured. He has health issues and will stay until better.
  • A litter of three that are five weeks old, all girls. Two have a planned home, the third is blind and may never leave, not sure yet.
  • A litter of three, born two weeks ago.
  • A litter of six, born two days ago.
  • and one more pregnant female, due any day.

Spay. Neuter. Donate to groups who help do low cost clinics.


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