One Potato, Two Potato

I love canned potatoes. They’re a great add in for soups, savory pies and casseroles. You can even turn them into potato salad and mashed potatoes. And don’t forget breakfast! Okay, I love potatoes A LOT!

Stater Bros had a good sale on russets this week, so I grabbed 40 pounds and spent today in my kitchen. It was rather cold out, so for once I was loving the steam of my boiling pots.

So, canning potatoes, here we go.

First, peal your potatoes. Yes, you have to unless you like being ill.

As you finish pealing each one, drop it into a pot of cool salt water. This keeps them from darkening.

After you’ve pealed and pealed for hours, you’ll at last decide you’re done. You may have potatoes left – you never planned to peal those. Just run with it.
Chop them into chunks. Big chunks, small chunks, whichever you like. I like big chunks, like these –

Next you need to cook them a bit. I boil them for a few minutes to get them hot and semi soft.

I use quart jars. Fill to close to the rim as they’ll settle once you add water.

You’ll then add clean boiling water and a dash of salt to each jar. Load them into your pressure canner

At my altitude, it’s 40 minutes at 15 pounds pressure. If you don’t know how to use one of these, please don’t rely on my vague descriptions!


And here they are, first batch anyways. I ended up doing five batches!

I’ll try to remember to mention when I’m using these in upcoming cooking posts.
~ Annette


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