Let’s Get Planning!

By the time the new year arrives, I’m usually five or six garden plans into my brain dump. It takes me a dozen before I settle on the one I’ll start with – it’ll change before the fall harvest is even planted.

First, I was going to do raised beds. But, once you hit a big enough size, those won’t work. Or should I say, aren’t worth the work! And money, they are rather pricey to set up.

Right now, I’m pondering various raised row designs. I like this one, an old government victory garden set up, featured on The Homestead Survival site.

Of course, it has parsnips. I’ve got nothing against them, don’t even recall having eaten any of the root vegetable. But, their tops are toxic and you have to wear gloves to harvest them. Since I like to give the tops to my livestock, that won’t work. At first, I played with just replacing a row here and there, but quickly realized two things –

I don’t have a family of 5 and it was designed for a much longer growing season.

If we’re lucky, we get six months. I haven’t seen a full six months frost free yet, but I’ve heard rumors. Right about the time you think you’re in the clear and put those tender seedlings into the warm soil – bam! Mother Nature decides you need another two weeks of freezing temperatures.

Right now, I’ve got a list. A long list. Everything I want to grow in my garden this year. I’ll have an herb garden in the north beds, filled with parsley, lavender, rosemary, basil and dill. My east beds will be raised rows, somewhere between 18 and 25 of them, playing host to onions, salad greens, turnips, tomatoes, peas and beans. It’s from there I will harvest my food daily. And we’ll develop our south pasture. It’s half an acre but we’ll just use 1/3 of that for corn, potatoes and pumpkins. I can’t wait to see the corn popping up in early summer!

Here’s a few links I’m using that’ll get you going hopefully with your plans –

Great list of herbs

Square Foot Gardening Site

How Much To Actually Grow – SO HELPFUL!!!


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