New Year, New Blog

I’ll admit it, I’m normal.

Okay, stop laughing – especially those related to me.

Like many, perhaps most, bloggers, I got all excited, set up a spot, wrote a few dozen posts and……forgot about it. For 18 months in my case.

Oh well, it happens, right?

New year, new attempt. We are creating a fantastic and interesting life out here in the Mojave and I should be talking it up. In just two years, we’ve gone from a house sitting on a acre of dirt to a thriving ranch. We breed, raise and sell Nigerian Dwarf goats. We sell eggs from our chickens, ducks and quail. We provided thanksgiving turkeys to two other families, and have taught several others how to process their own poultry. We will enjoy ham from our own pig at Easter and don’t need to color the beautiful eggs our hens lay daily.

Therefore, this blog will be part brag, part how to. If you’ve ever wanted to sell all your stuff, move to the middle of nowhere and start a sustainable homestead – you’re my intended audience. Hopefully along the way, I give you a giggle along with inspiration.

~ Annette


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