Head Count – June 2013

Just six months ago, we moved to our starter ranch, a few animals in tow. A half year later, we’ve grown more quickly than expected, and find ourselves considering things months earlier than anticipated. Here now, our June head count –


Mike, the dad
Annette, the mom
Nik, the almost grown son


Goliath, one year old golden retriever/German shepherd cross
Freya, 11 month old German shepherd dog


Princess White Feet, 12 year old brown tabby
Dibble, 7 year old Norweign forest cat
Rofl, 5 year old grey tabby
Kimi, 4 year old brown tabby
Hope, 3 year old brown tabby

    Barn cats

Mama, 2 year old long hair tortoise
LB, 1 year old longhair orange tabby
Jaguar, 4 month old sleek black mouser, think Laura Ingels’ Black Susan
Snow Leopard, 4 month old Himalayan looking girl


Blake, Nigerian Dwarf (nd) wether
Lucy, 3 year old ND doe
Zen, 6 month old ND doe
Christina, 6 month old ND doe


Royal palm Tom
Royal palm hen
Two bourbon red hens

    Chickens – hens

2 Rhode Island reds
4 red stars
1 jersey giant
1 red aurucana
2 silver aurucanas
2 white aurucanas
1 cuckoo maran

    Chickens – roosters

3 cuckoo Marans
2 white aurucanas

    Guinea pigs

1 crazy haired mix breed
15 teddys – solid red, golden agouti, squirrel, tri and quad colored, black/white
3 Abyssinians


1 mixed breed fixed couple from the shelter
5 lionheads
3 holland lops
2 Dutch
3 New Zealand white
2 Flemish giants
1 German angora
2 Britannia petites


4 red eared sliders

    Coming summer 2013

1 Nigerian dwarf buck
2 boer goat does
1 mule foot pig sow
1 Sumatra rooster

    Coming fall 2013

Sumatra hens
Jersey giant hens
Runner ducks
And babies – rabbits, chickens, turkeys, goats, guinea pigs, ducks and pigs!


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