99-cent Garden

My nearest shopping area, for more than a bag of ice or a candy bar, lies thirty minutes away. Since I’m not there often, I tend to shop weird. Like forty cans of tomato sauce or 25 ears of corn. It should come as no surprise then that a favorite store is our lone 99-cent Only. Few stores can you fill your push cart for $30. Except the Wonder thrift stores, now gone.
This time of year, the front corner will be filled with gardening supplies. Sure, most is cheaply made junk, like solar lights. Get those at Walmart. Better quality, only 97-cents.
Tucked away amongst the broken thermometers and leaky rain gauges, you can find some true gems. I buy brand name Topsy Turvy planters, retail for $15-$20, for 99-cents. I got so many, my front porch has one every few feet and I’ve still got stacks of them, in unopened boxes. I’m thinking of giving them away at HSC, the state-wide homeschool conference in August. I’ll be speaking on utilizing modern techniques to get a great garden, I’m sure free planters would be a big hit.
My latest find is these egg carton inspired seed starters.

I’ve lost dozens of well started seedlings to tray failure. Nothing like having twenty delicate herb plants cascading to the floor when your tray warps under the weight to make you rethink sprouting. Accidents like that drew me to the display in the store – a shelf at knee height with a half dozen of them shoved in haphazardly.
I left one for the next guy!

They came with little biodegradable pots, tablets of compressed soil/worm casings, and the nifty tri-fold tray.

You rehydrate the tablets with a bit of water and can plant, so lets give it a try!

Hmm, looks like leaking pots of water.

Much better after I ate a bit of peanut butter and let them sit a minute. The instructions in the lid are wrong, at least the 99-cent ones. Use one tablet, not two, per pot. It more than fills the tiny space. Now to plant my seeds.


Again, ignore the instructions on planting the seeds. One seed per pot is enough, unless its super tiny like lettuce, or years old so you are worried about germination.

Planted and ready to sprout. Great find, super easy! Can’t wait to plant the rest.



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