If I give my goats strawberries, will I get pink berry milk?

Strawberry season is in full bloom in Southern California. And I’m making preserves, jams and jellies from the bounty nearly every night. I use up between eight and ten pounds on average, cooking and toiling over my bright red brew. I’ve only boiled over once… So far 🙂

My latest batch, made last night. It takes about two hours to make ten yummy pints out of ten pounds of fresh berries. Even working at night, its sweaty business!

My nifty new heavy pot. It’s nearly as large as my pressure cooker and its enamel coated cast iron, so heavy enough for when the apples come in fall. You can see where my old, smaller pot boiled over. Hubby is still trying to get that gunk off. Nothing like burnt on fresh strawberry jam to present a cleaning challenge.
Hulls removed, you actually need ten pounds of strawberries to make the eight pounds needed. That’s two pounds of greens and hulls. Most go to my growing dwarf goats, Blake, Zen and Christina. Since the last two are does, dairy does specifically, I can’t help but wonder –

If I feed my goats too many strawberries, will I get pink berry milk?


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