Herb Crates

I had a few milk crates sitting around after the big move and decided to put them to work in my garden. Knowing that almost any container can be turned into a planter, I set to work.
First, I lined the inside with straw. I use Timothy hay straw, which is a grass straw. You can use any kind of straw, just not one from legumes such as alfalfa. The protein will burn your plant roots!

My milk crates on the handy shelf on a north facing wall.

Lined with straw. Press it well against the walls. The straw holds in your soil, as well as providing air and water flow.

Add your soil. Since this is functioning as a raised bed, I used soil and fertilizer. If I planned to move it often, I’d use the lighter weight potting mix.

I put in three herbs per crate. Because they are all different, I didn’t want to crowd. If I was doing a straight basil crate for example, I’d have put a few more into each.

Water and enjoy! I was able to begin using the herb cuttings within two weeks. Take care to water at the base of your herbs, not above. Plants with fragile leaves prefer that đŸ™‚


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