Hot Compost Version 1

The soil here is horrid! Sandy, dry, rocks everywhere, no discernible nutrients. Growing in that takes creativity, research and sweat. Luckily, the Internet and a good library thirty minutes away make the first two possible.
I decided to try composting and checked out several books on the subject. I’ll be adding a bibliography section to this site in the next few months, found a fun app for tracking references and just need to make its output work with WordPress’ input. Until then, The Complete Compost Gardening Guide 🙂 And no, I don’t get Amazon pay for sending people there!
It’s got a section on making really fast compost, using specific recipes with some pretty creative ingredients. Like dog kibble. We have no dog kibble, but I did have the makings for another one. Rabbit manure, sawdust, leaves that had wintered over and green garden trimmings.

My bins are made from pallets and sit in the shade of a mulberry tree. It gets above 110 here, daily, for about four months. I don’t want my compost to self combust or worse, explode!
Next I added my rabbit manure and sawdust, premixed with love from my bunny barn.


I got it nicely damp. It’s amazing how much water sawdust soaks up. Make sure you use your composting fork to keep mixing. I used several soaks to get the moisture level I needed.


The pile of dry leaves went in next. Normally you’d crush them first. But since I’ll be mixing every few days, I don’t have to worry about air pockets. Since the leaves are dry, I soaked from the hose again. You want somewhere between damp sponge and wet washcloth. We have zero humidity so I go for wet washcloth.

Last, I trimmed my junipers a bit. The last tenants let them grow “natural” whereas I’d like a more groomed look. Fresh branch trimmings went into the mix and I gave it all a last swirl.
I’ll stir and dampen every few days and post an update when I see some changes. This should turn to useable compost in weeks – my garden is very excited!


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